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Kanwa was born in Tasikmalaya in Indonesia in 1959. From his early youth he explored the whole Indonesian Archipelago to discover the different indigenous cultures of Kalimantan, Sumbawa, Papua, Nias and other regions to share their knowledge and practices about art and ritual. This experience gave him an in-depth understanding of indigenous traditional culture as he was involved in the daily chores and everyday life of the communities. This resulted in a visual and inner order that shapes his practice.

In 1979 he studied at the faculty of Art & Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia. From 1982 until 1998 he worked as Indonesian Tribal Art Expert for P.D. Pelangi Company making expertises for Sotheby’s and Christie’s in Jakarta and Bali.

Since 2000 he travels around the world deepening the universal character of his art and knowledge. He has presented his sculptures and performances in Indonesia, Belgium, France, usa and Singapore.

The artwork Cosmology of Life was commissioned by The Singapore Contemporary Art Museum for the Singapore Biënnale 2013/2014 and is now part of the permanent collection.

Today he lives and works in Belgium and Java.


Curator Mia Maria 
Moving on to a serene state, Toni Kanwa and his usual approach of working went into meditative states at every carving of his tiny sculptures. Believes that all his being lies in the power of Higher Spirit, Toni aimed to reach a state of inner power, stillness, silence and emptiness “as a blank sheet” the artist testified – “only then the inner flux emerge, activating the creative flow... allowing the shape of the sculpture to materialize. All occurs in the contest of a pure current, without a prior plan.” Toni’s approach to energy flow is a complete understanding of the dynamic force within lives, and accepting with a pure state of surrender to the bardo of becoming.

Curator Prof. Drs. Jacob Sumardjo
A straight line and a curved line, rough and smooth, that which is touched and left untouched, inward and outward looking, solid and open – all are the dynamics of form the material desires because
Kanwa and the material have become one. 

Prof. Drs, Jacob Sumardjo received the highest award in the field of culture from Minister of Culture and Tourism for three of his essays. He is professor at the Indonesian Arts Academy in Bandung and also teaches at the Faculty of Art & Design of the Bandung Institute of Technology. He is often invited as a speaker at prestigious national seminars.


From Spirit to Creations

Kanwa Adikusumah, Journey and Sculptures

180 pages, full colour illustrations

Essays in English, Dutch, French and Indonesian

Toni Kanwa Adikusumah
Contemporary & Tribal Art

Limited Edition

36 pages, full colour illustrations

Essays in English

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