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Cosmology of Life

Consisting of intricately-carved forms, some as small as a grain of sand, 'Cosmology of Life' draws the viewers closer to study the assembly of miniature talisman-like sculptures. Carved carefully from wood, these sculptures are intuitively shaped, addressing his expression of nature, spirituality and the macro and micro cosmos.

These creations begin with a special ritual of dialoguing with the used materials as he believes that every material has its own character. Equipped with that sensitivity, he then follows the movement of energy from within the material, bringing out the life from within the work. The forms he carves embody signs or symbols that draw back to the natural cosmology. The human figure often becomes reference for these forms.

'Cosmology of Life' is not about the investigation and study of shapes and figures, but rather a manifestation of themes – nature, spirituality, realms and the issues of the cosmos, presenting itself through different forms in the work. His work and creations often does not begin with a design or a plan. The conception follows the flow of his intuition and instinct.

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